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5:33 p.m. - 2007-05-09
One animal and two human photos.
Hello Everybotty!

How are you?

Things are smoov here. It's so warm today!

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of driving to the heart of Wisconsin to visit my family. It was great to see everyone.

On Saturday, my littlest sister K called me, voice filled with excitement, "You gotta come over right now and see what I have in this aquarium!"

So I drove over to her apartment to encounter this:


K had found a tiny bunny in her driveway, christened him "Fyfer", and set up a nice little home for the guy. Even though she and her roomies dropper-fed him milk, Fyfer perished later in the week.

RIP O bunnykins!

The weekend was awesome, culminating in a party in my sis L's honor. We commemorated the gathering with this photo:


Critter newz:

A capybara and monkey relationship?

A sad story about cranes.

To close on a critter-free note, yesterday we spotted this woman at the grocery store. I'd seen her before there; shocked when I saw an older lady with something hanging down between her legs. My first thought: "Is that an otter pelt?" Then I realized it was a single gnarly dreadlock! R and I took a picture, startling the employees at the cash register. We explained the situation, and one of the girls whispered, "Her fingernails are really long too!"


This might be rude. But man, that dreadlock is a force of nature!



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