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2:47 p.m. - 2007-05-05
Spring Creature sightings!
Yo, Critterheads!

How are you?

It's turning into a rainy Saturday here in Minneapolis! In the marmot field by Highway 280 no rodents relaxed; only geese!

Back on April 28th, R and I journeyed to the epic wilderness of the Wood Lake Wildlife Preserve in Richfield, MN. It was close to his former residence, so we have many happy memories of walks and creature sightings there.

One animal we saw, the mallard duck, fits in nicely with this news story. Apparently duck sex is much more complex than one could imagine!

It went down like this: We heard a rustling in the brushes. "What IS that?" I wondered. Finally R could make out two ducks doing it! The couple flailed and crashed towards the open water, where a waiting male came to join in!

Perhaps the very threesome here:


It's funny to look at these pictures; only two weeks ago the landscape was much more brown and tan than the verdant foliage we can see now!


The Wild R:


The Wild Wendell:


And of course, we saw creatures! We scared this little turtle off of its warm metal perch:


But then he got brave and crawled back on. The sun feels so good after the long winter!


This turtle-kins prefers a more organic sunning spot:


Here a mallard and some reptiles enjoy the same log!


Some red winged black birds marked the pier:


Taken just a few days later, this photo illustrates the en-greening. I took the picture from our big office window, and realized it'd be easy for me to fall out. I'd love to hear that 911 call..."Yes, I fell down a story trying to photograph a rabbit!" Can you spot the bunny?


I hope you enjoy these spring photos! It's time for you to make your annual giant lilac bouquets, as well as to keep your eyes peeled for morel mushrooms. No pressure.



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