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4:49 p.m. - 2007-05-14
Meme chose
Hey, all!

Happiest of spring Mondays to you! Did you all have a fun weekend?

First, a hearty congratulations to my sis-in-law and bro-in-law K and DB, as their son, Baby B, was born last week! That's correct; I am now an Aunty. Yay!

Proof of The Cuteness That is Baby B:

In animal news: What are your reports?

Last evening my soul-sis JB and I spotted an oriole in the ancestral B backyard. Today she is en route to CO where she will be a camp guide in the mountains! Last year she encountered moose and yellow bellied marmots! Safe travels, JB!

Uh, ants have infiltrated our apartment. Random guys have been spotted on our countertops, walls, and living room floor. One even bit R's tender armpit as he was toweling off!

Yesterday I saw many a creature of the canine variety! I had a dog park date with the hotty CK and her dog, "Moe". "Moe" didn't give me too many lovies though, as he was busy running around, saying "hi" to the other dogs, and peeing on trees. CK and I had a great time, and our dog sightings encouraged R and I to google a bunch of potential future pup varieties!

My sister A is an elementary teacher and she took her students on a Critter Class Trip! The best kind. Last week they traveled to The International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, WI, and apparently nearly all the species of cranes in the world were present there. A said she and the students were transfixed for about twenty minutes as they observed the mating dance of the Siberian Crane:


After reading a few of your "One Hundred Things about me" memes I decided I wanted to get in on that sh*t. But I'm not patient enough to figure out one hundred things about myself. So, Wendell's Meme:

Ten things I Love:
1. R
2. My family
3. My friends
4. Being outdoors in decent weather
5. Reading
6. Music and singing
7. Cooking
8. Traveling to new places
9. Freedom, independence
10. Chillin' with #1 - 3 (above)

Five things that I Hate
(Observe that I'm focusing more on the positive!)
1. Predjudice
2. Centipedes
3. Being insecure
4. The leaky plastic containers in my lunch every day
5. My occasional baditude and immaturity

Five Favorite Foods:
1. popcorn
2. rare-ass steak
3. shrimp
4. sweets, desserts, and cookies
5. see below
Fried in butter.

Thoughts on Critters:
1. Where are the salamanders? I want to find one
2. What if a bear attacks us in the BWCA?!
3. I love rodents
4. I would like to practice falconry
5. I would like to be an equestrienne

Places I want to GO:
1. Italy
2. France
3. Spain
4. Yellowstone National Park, WY
5. NYC

Things I want to DO:
1. Learn how to sing
2. Become fluent in French
3. Feel great about my career
4. Be a homeowner
5. Keep growing and maybe volunteer to help others

Five Favorite Songs:
1. Anybody Wanna Take Me Home - Ryan Adams
2. Karma Police - Radiohead
3. Codeine - Trampled by Turtles
4. Cry Me a River - Julie London
5. Come Away With Me - Norah Jones

Okay, I think that's all on the meme tip. It's hard to pick a few things about yourself, and also not sound shallow, but it IS just a list, after all. I hope you liked it and aren't weeping for lack of new wildlife knowledge.

Wait, another reason to love rodents, in this case amorous male mice!

There ya go.



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