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2:42 p.m. - 2007-09-24
Mississippi River Photos

How are you?

I have left work early because of what I suspect might be an early sinus infection. It is one thing to stay upright and functional and another to hear and/or demonstrate singing.

The lapse in entries is due to:
a: Having 40 voice students
b: Trying to cook and hang out with R
c: Using the computer for my freelance writing job
d: Attempting to perfect five arias
e: Trying to exercise four times weekly

You decide!

But of course I've been thinking of critters, and have a delightful entry brewing that involves poop and the largest member of the deer family!

For now, some pics. The weather was warm this weekend and R and I decided to combine nature walk with breakfast-seeking. I read this critter news from WI, so we decided we HAD to locate a rare hummingbird on our walk! First, we walked the three city blocks down to the Mississippi River:


We saw a largish turtle sunning itself:

Can you see its little head sticking up?

Observe my new OXO coffee cup, which DOES NOT LEAK, even when turned upside down! R bought it for me for my birthday.

This waterfall is called Bridal Veil Falls, and is just below the East River Road north of Franklin Avenue.


Here is the view from beneath the falls looking outwards:

We noticed this whirlpool-hole. Obviously there was torrential waterflow through this area at one time.
Now there are rocks inside of it.

The Franklin Ave. bridge. I wonder how many graffiti artists fall from such structures. Can you see the tags at the peak?

Here is Minneapolis, with the Cedar Ave. bridge in the foreground. Pieces of the collapsed 35W bridge are being investigated and reassembled in the foreground of the photo, beneath the cranes.

Finally, we made our way to Dinkytown, and the Dinkytowner restaurant, where our coffee-filled tummies were warmed by R's cajun breakfast and my bicuits and gravy. Yums.

I recommend you all find a good breakfast restaurant within walking distance!

Hope you're well!

P.S. We didn't see any hummingbirds, just squirrels and the U of M Cross Country team.


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