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5:50 p.m. - 2007-02-02
Marmot Day!

It's true, lovies, the day of Groundhogs/Woodchucks is upon us. As you might recall, February 2nd also marks the two year anniversary of Wendell's Critter Corner! Yay!

What did Punxsutawney Phil say?


My excuse for not posting a lot lately is that I've run out of photo hosting space on Diaryland. Therefore, I need to figure out how to use my Flickr account to provide the pictures.

Also it's a crappy time of year.

On the positive side, the moon was shining this morning as I looked out my kitchen window at 6:55 am. R and I stood together and observed the softly lit trees and houses outside. As I drove to my animal temp job, there was an ice rainbow ring around the sun. It was lovely, and helped the positive vibration. Also it's Friday!

Because of the ass-cold weather, most recent wildlife sightings have been found on the telly. Last night we watched this show on The History Channel. Yikes! What do you think...could the Sasquatch be real? Most persuasive was the fact that the Native Americans of the Northwest have over 100 names for a giant ape creature, along with carvings of a similar beast. Hmmmmm.

Previous to that we watched this show about prophets. I hate prophesy, except for in science fiction novels. And horoscopes, I guess. Especially because all of the seers talked about the catastrophes that will occur at the end of the world. The Cayce guy featured in the above show was all, "the world will tilt on it's axis and all will be destroyed." I'm going to add a new prophesy, right here, right now. Before the world ends, everyone will have an orgasm and reach their ideal body weight. Each human will receive a bunny, kitty or puppy to snuggle, along with the companionship of their loved ones, and finally all people will travel together into the next world.

Doesn't my prophesy sound better?

Best license plate seen this week: "Duuude".

Dude indeed. In the mornings as I'm preparing to go to work, I like to watch the Food Network. It's inspired several an imprompu morning-prepared meal. But on the early mornings that station is taken over by infomercials, so I've found the following creature shows to amuse my bleary eyes before breakfast:

First, effing Beastmaster. Do you remember the original movie?!? Oooh, it was a good one, with love, an evil cannibal cult, scantily-clad heroes, and of course, CREATURES! (Upon reading the blurb on the above site, I discovered the original movie was based on a book of the same title by Andre Norton. Might be worth checking out!) This modern show (which the other morning featured the ORIGINAL "Dar", Marc Singer, as a mysterious guide to the new "Dar"!) features much fewer creature shots than the original. We need more ferrets! More hawks! Come on, people.

This morning I also caught these two shows, the Really Wild Show, and Barking Mad, which I think is about helping p*ssed off animals! Hee hee.

These are highly recommended as a fun alternative to the talking heads on your local news show!

All right, once again, thanks for reading the Critter Corner this year, eat 100 lbs of sour cream/cream cheese/chili/guac dip at your local Super Bowl Party and stay warm !!


In 26 days we fly to Jamaica,


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