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9:16 a.m. - 2007-01-25
BS Entry
Dearest Critter Readers!

I'm sorry for the lapse in entries. What can I say; just trying to survive the winter blahs. Also I'm working out for everybody and eating a lot of eggs. In fact, currently I'm enjoying a goat cheese and parsley omelet!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to see my buddy KB and the little munchkin MB. The baby was post-bath and wrapped in a towel! Cuteness 20.

Speaking of babies: lizards!

A beast from the deep! Check out this rare shark!

Meanwhile, as you are trudging around your snowy neighborhood, keep your eyes peeled for vole trails. The f*ckers are everywhere! Look especially at very thin snow, under trees and beneath the eaves of houses. There you might see the entrances to their little tunnels. The beast itself:

Another entry to follow...hopefully. I'm going to the Motherland for a baby shower, to see my family and maybe go wedding dress shopping with my sisters, maybe rendezvous with KZ and to see GH in Wisconsin's capital!



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