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1:53 p.m. - 2006-10-18
Pet Peeve!
Dear Peeps,

How goes it? I hope no "thick rain" has fallen on your parade today! (One of my students described it as such!)

Today I watched a bunny arch his back in a stretch, and then stand on his back feet! Adorbs.

Mostly I'm writing to encourage you to keep your eye out for a strange human behavior. Recently R and I have observed people driving or riding off-road capable vehicles, but not using them to their full capability.

Let me explain. Near our apartment there is a strip of road that is under construction. There is an intersection that is partially just gravel. I was driving behind a Jeep the other day, which slowed WAY down and swerved to avoid the gravel! If my "Road Toad" Accord can handle a patch of rough road, I would hope a Jeep could! Yesterday the same thing happened: I was following a giant Ford F350, which seemed to be afraid of the teensy railroad tracks by my house.

Cyclists are to blame, too! R, PG and I were running on a sidewalk along Summit Avenue, and a person on a mountain bike REFUSED to move from the sidewalk onto the grass to let us pass by.

This is my new pet peeve! Let me know if you have any stories to share! :)

Offroader Wendell!


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