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10:55 a.m. - 2006-10-14
More critters in the news!
Hey errrybody!

How are you? There have been a lot of critter headlines lately, which I'd like to share with you.

The new (very cute) bird discovered in Colombia!

A previously unknown giant camel?!?

And apparently the wobbling of Earth on its axis has had a negative effect on rodents!

Now, shout outs to my beautiful sis L, who is about to purchase a home for the first time, AND get four wisdom teeth out! (Wendell has no wisdom teeth!) Here is a picture of her dog, Jake!

(Jake is thinking, "Look how hungry I am for a treat!") He will like L and J's new crib much better, because he will be about to run around in nature. Currently Jake is eating indoor items like garbage and kitchen chairs, because he's so antsy to move!

As for my other sisters, I think they are enjoying school (one being a student and one being a teacher). But I still need a picture of "Kung Fu" the miniature schnauzer from A!

That's all, dueds! Have a fun weekend!


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