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11:13 p.m. - 2006-05-23
turtle head.

Yo! I hope you're well! Happy warm, giddy, verdant spring to you.

Sorry for the lapse in entries. First I went to Wisconsin, mostly to eat ice cream and morels sauteed in butter. I gained four pounds.

But, I did pass two buffalo farms on the trip. We best learn about them soon.

My roommate D reported that there are many baby bunnies in St. Louis! Alas, I have spotted none here.

Insect crisis in China! Check it out!

This weekend my lovely princess sister L came to visit! I was so excited. We saw baby ducks bravely swimming in the Mississippi, and chirping chipmunks running across the path.

My friends CN, KB and KN threw me a wedding shower on Sunday! It was delightful.

Plus, tonight R and I spotted a mama turtle digging a hole for her eggs! Let's find tiny turtles this spring!

Also in the good news department, I just accepted a temp job at a veterinary hospital! Now I will learn more about animals! The bad news is that I'll be working 60+ hours a week, including several 15 hour days. Bogus! We'll see if it works out.

This weekend we're going camping up north! I'll look forward to sharing any excitement we experience (I almost wrote "excrement" instead of excitement!) and hopefully a bison write-up soon.

Toad love,


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