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1:00 a.m. - 2006-05-03
Critter Luvrs,

Greetings from sunny Minneapolis! Well, it's 1 am, so I guess it's not sunny. Ha ha! But I guess my princess-friend GH in Shanghai is probably enjoying some sun, being that she's twelve hours ahead of us.

Just a quick report to state that I saw two amazing creatures today! Well, amazing in the fact that they were hanging out less than a mile from downtown Minneapolis near the Mississippi river! As I was jogging, I spotted a bald eagle! Then, I saw a bird that I first thought was a wild turkey, then thought, "no, it must be a goose," and then realized, "yes, it IS a wild turkey!

Yee haw! No morel sightings though.

If you're stressed, can I recommend you take a walk through the woods? Maybe this seems obvious, but it's such a peaceful thing to do. Even if the woods are right by a road, in the middle of a city, like my walk today. This time of year is wonderful because it's so pure; everything is freshly green, with new leaves still bearing the mantle of winter litter through which they've triumphantly broken. It's like the first few weeks of a relationship; everything is perfect and unsoiled.

Don't miss it,


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