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10:28 p.m. - 2007-10-25
Back to the Minnesota Valley Nature Preserve!
Hey dudes!

Happy Rocktober to you! In fact, Happy Birthday to R! His special day starts in 32 minutes!

In further exciting B family news, AB and her sweetie R GOT ENGAGED THIS TUESDAY! It was a total surprise for her! Congrats, buddies!

You know you want to watch snails racing, NASCAR styley: yeehah!

Last Friday R took a day off and joined me on my four day weekend. Our big plan included an afternoon trip to Briano's Deli and to the Minnesota Zoo. After getting our giant sandwiches and Limonatas from the marvelous deli, we continued along Highway 77 towards the zoo. But we didn't know the zoo closed at 4! We got there at 3:45. Duh.

Instead we decided to have a car picnic at our favorite wildlife preserve in Bloomington. Here is my write up from our June excursion.

Some photos:

The Birthday Boy!

A mystery mess: Whodunit?
Could it be...the BEAVER?!

Here is a view of the old Highway 77 bridge. There is some kind of raptor sitting in the tree in the background.

We've gotten so much rain, a little creek eroded away the path and headed down to the Minnesota River! (Here I observe it, assisted by my new haircut.)


R took this lovely moss photo:



On the way home the sun peeked through the clouds as it was setting, gilding the city:

Another photo taken from the speeding Road Toad:

So, even though we didn't see the zoo, we had a great day! And, sis JB sent this wildlife picture from Japan:

I hope you've been enjoying the sunshine this week.

Side Note: Keep your eyes peeled for raccoons; I saw a fat one in my neighborhood the other night!



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