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8:58 p.m. - 2007-10-14
Howdy, Critter Lovers!

How are you? Things are good here, although the radiators haven't been turned on yet, so it's a bit cool in our apartment. I made some yummy potato onion soup (which my chef sister L called vichyssoise) and some corn bread.

Wildlife in the news:

Having a little dry spell in your love life? Check out these creatures that don't need sex!

Let's go to Montana to look for dinosaur tracks!

A lack a genetic diversity is causing problems in the Tasmanian Devil population.

Unfortunately, my critter report this week is regarding the status of my aquarium. First, our apple snail has passed on:


I decided to leave him/her in the tank for posterity. It seemed to be the resting place the snail would prefer.

A month ago, I purchased two glass or ghost shrimp for the aquarium. One disappeared immediately, but the larger of the two, whom we named Ruprecht, took up residence under the castle bridge. For a few days now, Ruprecht has been missing!


Upon doing some research, I found that ghost shrimp are often used as food for fish. Whoops! But maybe he has buried himself in the substrate. One website aquarist mentioned he had trouble keeping these shrimp alive past their first molt (which Ruprecht did shortly after his arrival) but not longer than a month. Hmmmm.

I will keep you posted.

In W family news, my previously mentioned sister, chef L, became a dog-Mom this weekend. I will make a formal announcement when a photo of the cuteness becomes available!

In B family news, here is a photo of our nephew, Baby B!


I hope this photo improves your day!

In Critterdom,


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