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10:53 p.m. - 2007-09-03
The photos, the excuses.
Happy September, Critter Lovers!

I hope you have all been rokkin the Labor Day weekend!

The usual excuses apply to my lapse in entries: out of town visitors, the start of the school year, my 30th birthday, weddings and traveling, goats, etc.

Quick critter news:

A Texas chupacabra?!

As my birthday was last week, and as my last Critter Entry was about crayfish, R was inspired to buy me the following as a surprise present:


Perhaps I should have had the picture taken BEFORE I did the dishes....

Our apartment building is at the nexus of a squirrel battleground: an acorn-laden oak tree and the walnut tree across the street. What does the following squirrel offering imply?

Is this the sign of a lazy squirrel or some kind of warning that our building is about to be attacked?!

Today I purchased new fishies and shrimp for our aquarium, including a lovely male guppy and three females to make up his "harem". The PetSmart guy said guppies breed best when there is one male and several ladies. I am trying to recreate the breeding tank my budster CS and I had our Junior year of college. We named our most beautiful baby boy guppy Dima, after the secret Russian crush of one of our friends. Obviously I should name my new stud Dima as well.

Here is a photo of R's new watch. It is in the aquarium because it's a DIVE watch:

Finally, a goat picture, both to commemorate the State Fair and my friend SH, a fellow Caprinae fiend.


Have a good week!



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