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10:17 p.m. - 2007-07-19
WI, critter sighting, etc.
Haloo Critterheads!

How are you?!

I have been very busy this week. First, I went to The Motherland (Central WI, duh!) for my lovely sister A's wedding shower and bachelorette party.

It was great to see my family. I had to visit my Dad's trapping shed to check his placement of the Jennifer Love Hewitt poster I got him for Father's Day. (He's a big fan of the Ghost Whisperer, a TV show which I prefer to call "Observe my magnificent rack.")


Also this weekend I was reunited with my budster GH, aka Domestic Nemesis! We hadn't seen each other since January!


Here is a wedding shower pic of my other beautiful Grandma:


She and her husband are world travelers. I will ask her to suggest a critter for me to research on the Critter Corner!

Onto the bachelorette:

The Ladies. The Bride-to-be A is in the center of the photo, wearing aqua.


Wendell and the mysterious sister L:


This one's for R: All Hail Brett Favre!


Even a stalwart Vikings fan like R admits Brett is a great quarterback.


GH returned to Minneapolis with me on Sunday. We had a wonderful ride, AND she likes the new Ryan Adams CD.

Oh, who just got a ticket to the September 27th Ryan Adams show at the State Theater in Minneapolis?

Ha ha, ME!

GH is not a critter fan, however. As we pulled off the highway, I pointed out the vole trails that I observe daily, vainly trying to spot one of the rodents. I've only seen one there once before. Sure enough, a lovely vole was enjoying some fresh grass, and GH and I observed it with great excitement! (Okay, I was really excited; GH might have rolled her eyes a little.)

The cuteness:

I'm sure I'll be writing another critter entry soon. Right now R is in the Boundary Waters, no doubt surrounded by wild beasts. He brought the camera.

Besides, everyone is going to be reading the new Harry Potter book anyway this weekend, right?

In Vole we Trust,


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