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8:56 p.m. - 2007-07-08
Bike Tour and Bunny Tumor.
Dear Critter Lovers,

Hello! I hope you all had a restful Fourth of July week!

Our friends J and JS suggested we take a bike tour of the entire Minneapolis Grand Rounds. Since we were all free on the Fourth, it seemed like the perfect day! We had so much fun; I highly recommend the bike ride! We started in Northeast, and saw some new vectors:

A view from the St. Anthony Bridge.

This is the Memorial on the Victory Memorial Parkway. We had never been along this road, in the Camden neighborhood in North Minneapolis. It's lovely!


Our noble steeds, parked outside the Theodore Wirth Chalet!

Here I am in front of Lake Calhoun. Note the line of people behind me, queuing up for canoe and kayak rentals.

It was really hot on the Fourth, but we stayed cool because of our lightning fast, Tour de France-like speeds. And we stopped a lot. Our longest break was at Minnehaha Falls:

(This is where my sis-in-law and bro-in-law K and DB got engaged!)

We enjoyed the seafood at Sea Salt, which is owned by some of Mr. S's friends and former colleagues. The deliciousness was enjoyed by all.

Then we returned along the East and West River Roads, near our own neighborhood, and rode back to our starting point. It was about 30 miles total, so, a good workout, a fun outing with friends, and a new way to explore our city!

Yesterday R and I went to several parties. Shoutouts to the McRutas, and to CN for her superbirthday. As we pulled up to MM and TS's house (R's former abode) I noticed a bunny. Then I noticed it seemed to have a tumor growing out of its head!


See the black thing behind its ears?!

R had spotted bunnies with these protuberances twice before; once in his former neighborhood, and once a few weeks ago just down our street.

Obviously research was required. It turns out Midwestern rabbits suffer from a benign papilloma virus, which causes these fibrous tumors.

This disease is quite possibly the genesis for the jackalope myth!

The virus is carried by ticks, mosquitoes and bugs. R said, "I hope it doesn't hurt the bunnies." It seems like the growths can become quite invasive, potentially preventing the rabbit from eating! :(

Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for crazy-looking bunnies! (You should be looking for wildlife at all times ANYWAY, right?!)



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