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9:46 p.m. - 2007-06-20
Wildlife Preserve

I hope you are having a great day!

Things have been so great this week! The highlight was the Ryan Adams show! Check out this review! I must say I wept a little during the first two songs ("Goodnight Rose" and "Dear John"). Ryan sounded AMAZING and the band was so tight; beautiful harmonies, wonderful players. It was awesome. The stage antics mentioned in the review came across as funny; Ryan talked about how great his flight had been because he'd been eating pizzeria Combos.

I had the cutest critter encounter EVAR yesterday, when I was running along the East River Rd. As I crested the hill, I saw movement in the brush below. It was a reddish animal, and soon I realized it was a fox! Then I saw there were two foxes, and at first I thought it was a mama and baby. (SH's parents live over there and they'd seen a mama and two kits.) But then it became clear I was watching two young foxes frolicking! They were so fuzzy, cat-sized, with fluffy tails and big ears. I loved how their fur changed from light red in color to a deep grey at their paws. I watched them for about ten minutes, before they split up, and one fox followed the retaining wall up the incline. I followed it, observing him sniff some holes alongside the wall. The fence ended at the top of the hill though, and soon enough the kit and I were face to face! He backed away when he saw me, but then moved forward curiously. I clapped my hands and he backed up again, but then came closer. Finally I stomped my foot and yelled at the fox, and he retreated! :( Watch out, foxies! People are dangerous!
red fox kits

Two weeks ago R and I ventured to one of our favorite spots for a nature walk, the Minnesota River Wildlife Preserve in Bloomington.
It's only one exit south of the Mall of America on Hwy 77 (Cedar Ave.)! The next time you have out of town visitors who want to shop all day, drop them off at the mall and then check out this great wildlife area!

First, we chose one of the myriad paths. I love paths.

We saw giant bumblebees, partially hidden in this pic.

At one of the lakes:
DSCN2005.JPG Wendell *heart* frogs!

Wild egrets abounded.

Later, we heard a rustling in the undergrowth:
Hi, Mama turtle!

As we approached the bass ponds, R said suddenly, "Wendell, there's a bug on your back but it's not going to hurt you and I'm going to take a picture!"

This is called an eyed elater (Alaus oculatus), one of the blind click bugs. Apparently the bugs make a clicking noise. These guys appear in the springtime, and eat rotting wood. Their underground larvae are root-eaters, however, and can cause problems for grain crops.

We approached our favorite part of the walk; a valley featuring a bubbling streamlet.





The wild R:
Note the glow of his mystery sandals.

I found a new friend!
I love me a snail!

Another turtle awaited our return:

And the view of the MN River, with Hwy 77 in the background.
I think there is a beaver dam in the foreground!

We were extremely excited to see so many critters. My philosophy is that the creatures now know that if they present themselves to us, they will become internet STARS!

I hope the Twin Citians among you will be encouraged by this non-MOA entertainment!

Lovies and foxies,


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