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5:50 p.m. - 2007-04-06
Easter Update/Links
Hello Critter Readers!

How are you today? I wonder if your part of the country has reverted to BITTER WINTER COLD. Yikes!

On the positive side, I'm trying out my new wool socks.

Have you seen creatures? It's officially been almost three weeks since I saw the first robin.


In P.M.S. news, do you ever wonder if you're a sociopath? If so, take this test! I'm 29% sociopath. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Creatures in the news!

A really old fishy!

We're all f*cked.

Seeing this guy might be the only reason I'd go to a Quizno's.

Well, or if they brought back these guys:


For Easter, a special bunny in the news! R, buy me one!

In friends news, today my budster Domestic Nemesis returns from her vacation in Puerto Rico!

In a related story, my Puerto Rican former roomie, D is in town! We had dinner the other night and yesterday there was a party in D's honor at B and R's house. Yay! As usual, D had some creature ideas for this blog. (Coming later.)

We need some cuteness:


I hope these made you smile, lovies! Stay posted for a Jamaica Creature entry coming soon!



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