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12:58 p.m. - 2006-11-12
Our Camping Trip , 10/6/2006
Hello, O Critterlovers!

Currently I imagine some of you are watching the Packers vs Vikings football game! Should be a comedy of errors!

Anyway, long ago I promised a write up about our trip to William O'Brien State Park, near Stillwater, MN.

We sure had a wonderful weekend there. It was windy and warm, and we took several walks. Sometimes I try to predict what creatures we will encounter. I announced to R, "Today we will see the red squirrel." And only moments later, one appeared!

Squirrels with white bellies are the cutest.

In addition to the squirrel, I also proclaimed we would spot a snake! And lo, on our afternoon walk:

Hello, little garter snakey! Maybe I should do a write up on those guys....

Unfortunately, I think I prophesied we would see a marmot, and none came forth. We did see some gophers and chipmunks though.

But the piece de resistance was:

A Sign of the Wild Beaver!

Note how the beaver cleaned off all of the delectable branches and cleaned up his mess.

And where did the beaver/s haul this woody bounty? Why, down this here beaver trail!

We followed this trail, spotting tiny trees the beavers had trimmed, and the beaver dam itself. Awesome.

A few final vistas for your viewing pleasure:


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