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5:31 p.m. - 2006-09-26
More links and pictures
Hello cuties!

First and foremost, I'd like to wish my wonderful Dad Happy Birthday!

I'm sure all you Minnesotans are out and about, enjoying the sunshine!

Alas, I'm not ready to educate you about goaters. But, here's a link with more news about the formerly-considered-extinct woodpecker!

And some new knowledge regarding our actually extinct former neighbors, the mastodon!

Obviously we need a picture; courtesy of

This weekend I heard a coming-of-age story from my sister A. Her boyfriend TG has a dog named "Kung Fu". Now this little black miniature schnauzer has become a favorite not only of A, but also our whole family, which is saying a lot as my parents aren't so much doggy people. But A reported that "Kung Fu" might be reaching manhood. For this weekend he received fellatio from a puggle named Lola! (Don't worry, both dogs were fixed, so it was "safe sex".) A, send me a picture of "Kung Fu" so we can all bask in his cuteness!

Speaking of cute-itude, yesterday I spotted a vole at my workplace! You might remember my heartwarming stories of this little rodent! You might remember the cuteness from this picture:

In the opposite-of-cute news, a cruel death was nearly upon us this weekend. R and I were at his former abode, MM's house, along with J and KN, J and JS, TS (wearing his new purple shirt) and the South Dakotan AH. We had gathered in the downstairs lounge to watch the Vikings play, when I noticed something on the wall. "Hmm..." (Church Lady voice) "Could it be...SATAN?" I mean, "A CENTIPEDE?!" Folks, it was.

Valiantly, MM ascended, paper towel in hand, and squished the creature as we wept and gnashed our teeth. The Vikings still lost.

R and I have also spotted:

And yesterday one of these badboys was scrabbling around my animal job:

Ugh, I was too freaked out to step on it!

Apparently I'm on KZ's bad list for not doing a write-up on Bonobo monkeys. Also, C and CS, for whom I was a catsitter these last two weeks, returned from a wonderful trip to Japan! She'll be sending me some monkey pictures from Kyoto.

As promised, the Cable Man did come this weekend to hook up our internet. But the Cable Goddesses shone their powers down on us as well, with an offer of highly discounted cable service. With a tear in our collective eye, R and I scrolled through our 126 new channels...Food Network, E!, Bravo...and the National Geographic channel. It was there that we found some of D's and my favorite critter loving brothers, Chris and Martin Kratt! Here's my entry about them. Check out their new show, "Be the Creature"!

If you want, you can come to our apartment to watch cable!



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