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5:47 p.m. - 2006-09-22
Animal links, pics.
Hello Peeps,

How are you? Happy Friday! I hope it's not rainy wherever YOU are. MN seems to be on a seven day cycle of nice weather during the week, and ass weather during the weekend.

Now, a gratuitous wedding picture:

Check out our photographer's website here!

Here are some critter links for your procrastinating perusal.

The new birdy found in India!

The new hominid found in Ethiopia!

Here's an entry dedicated to my cousins J and WK, who are anxiously awaiting a "cub" of their own!

Now, a cuteness alert from

The Nigerian Pygmy Goat! I have been obsessed with goats lately. It reminds me of my friend AA, to whom I've been a rotten correspondant of late. One day several years ago, as we gathered in our grad school classroom for an opera class, AA wrote the word "GOAT" in tiny letters in the upper right hand corner of the markerboard. Yes. Goat. It's a whole sentence, a whole creature category, a whole FEELING. A whole world, which we will explore soon!

The internet man comes tomorrow, the internet man comes tomorrow....

Hugs and shout-outs,


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