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9:27 p.m. - 2006-07-08
The Hole in the Backyard.
Dear Reeeders,

Good evening, all! I hope you've been having a fun weekend!

Things are ok here. I'm excited to join the party later for the Birthday Princess CN! Yee ha!

Unfortunately I haven't caught up on my sleep yet from my six day, 64 hour work week. I have learned some things about myself this summer, as a result of this schedule. First, I am not a workaholic. I like to chillax, lounge, dilly-dally and most of all, sleep! Secondly, I can see how sleep deprivation can make people go crazy and die. Evil sides of my personality have come forward. These include fits of melancholy, melodrama, despair, and most of all a prevailing negative attitude. Also tears at least once a week, lately every Saturday morning.

Will I return to normal once I'm working part time again in two weeks?!

Anyway, there was a critter sighting this week that perked me right up! It all started in my bathroom, where I was blearily sitting, exhausted and filled with self-loathing. I peered into my neighbor's back yard, where there has always been a hole and a cinder block in the middle of the lawn, as well as two Plymouth Horizons. I saw what appeared to be a gray persian cat, clutching something in its mouth, going down the hole!

"Wow," I thought, "that hole must be deeper than it looks!" Then I considered, "wait, do cats go down holes?" Then the creature reemerged, obviously not a cat, but a MARMOT! What!? It was giant, and waddled over to the oak tree, where it gathered another mouthful of leaves and disappeared once more down the hole. My heart was thumping with joy, and I could barely get into the shower! I wished that I could sit in the bathroom all day and watch the marmot-tude next door.

But I left a note for my roommate D, informing him it'd be his job to observe the marmot-hole all day long.

I must inform you all that D thinks I need to step down from the helm of the Critter Corner, because I misidentified the marmot as a cat.

Readers, what do you think?! I mean, here's a picture from that shows a marmot tail. It really did look cat-like, and there are some fluffy roaming cats in my neighborhood!

Also shout outs to "Chanel" and "Pepe". The yellow lab and gray cat, respectively, are doing well. "Chanel" passed her obedience class with flying colors, but "Pepe" has had a more adventuresome time, because he made a run for it! Yes, the brave cat survived in the Richfield wilderness for several days. Thankfully he was found and retrieved by a friendly neighbor, as K and AB had to travel to the motherland for the weekend. When I saw "Pepe" he had an irritated eye, and was very snuggly and vocal. He was also suffering from intestinal upset, the effects of which I missed, thankfully. Who knows what trials and tribulations "Pepe" experienced on the "outside"! A love affair, an epic battle? We can only guess.

I hope you're having valiant adventures of your own this weekend!



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