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9:31 p.m. - 2006-05-30
Tuesday update.
Hey, party animals!

Did you have a fun holiday weekend?

R and I did, both celebrating a family event at R's alma mater, and journeying NW to Annandale to experience the beauty of Clearwater Lake. It was great to pig out, relax in the breezes (we needed them with the 90 degree temps and high humidity!) chillax on the pontoon, and visit with cool-ass people.

Speaking of ass, the mosquitoes thought I was hot; I've got the butt, back, thigh and arm spots to prove it.

Other creature sightings involved a blue gill, who I helped release, and baby bunnies! The little bunnies were hiding under the cars as folks left the cabin yesterday! Unfortunately, a bunny was hiding under the car in which we were riding, and the car squished its leg. I was very sad, and wished we had checked under the vehicle before leaving. But at the same time, cars are a good thing to avoid if you're a critter.

Speaking of critters, today I started my new job, at a local veterinary hospital! In order to reach the drinking fountain and the satellite office for my department, one needs to walk past the large animal stalls! The occupants of these included a holstein being prepped for surgery, a bunch of llamas, and several horses, including a giant Belgian who is famous for being a blood donor. Apparently he gets to party in a pasture every day. Also, employees are encouraged to bring their dogs to work with them. Also, my colleague is a wildlife scientist! I hope to glean some critter knowledge from her.

SO, an exciting and critter-filled day! Expect a creature feature soon.

Have a good week, all!


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