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6:39 p.m. - 2006-03-22
Mystery animal!
Greetings, my little bunnies,

How are you? I know; two entries in two days!

Today was a fantabulous day; I went to my "Taste of Group Exercise" class, and then had a date with KB! The B residence is becoming a critter corner of its own, with the yellow labrador, "Chanel", and biting cat, "Pepe". I got to snuggle with them both, and "Pepe" took a nap on my coat!

After dining at Chipotle and shopping at an upscale resale shop, K and I took a walk in the swamp/lake/park with the recently-fixed "Chanel", (whom I kept calling "Phoebe" by mistake, after a WI dog from my past!)

This particular Richfield park has been featured many a time in the Critter Corner. Today might be the first time we didn't see a muskrat. Ducks and geese were present, as well as squirrels that seemed to be doing a mating dance!

But yesterday K spotted an Unidentifed Brown Mammal, sitting atop a hill across the path from the lake. Today we searched in vain! K said the animal was cat-sized or larger, and wondered if it could be a beaver. This is possible, although we didn't spot any f-ed up trees, one of the marks of the wild beaver. And muskrats are significantly smaller than cats.

Tonight I realized that the creature might have been my own recent favorite, the marmot! The size and color match up with her description, AND there was a hole evident on the hill. Marmots usually don't venture too far from their cribs. So...I will post these pictures and let K tell me what she thinks!

The beaver, from the Portland zoo:

The marmot, from

And the muskrat, from PGC photo:

The foxxy Maven not only gave me a raptor report (eagles and hawks spotted throughout the metro) but also the secret knowledge to add the cool comment section you see below! Thanks, Maven!

K, can't wait to hear your creature verdict!



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