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9:59 p.m. - 2006-03-21
Greetings, me pretties!

How are you? Things are okay here, it is SPRING after all! But in MN that means 35 degrees. Heck, after the 20 inches of snow we received last week I can handle sunny and 35.

But obviously it was not only humans who felt the pull of the spring equinox. For Sunday at 1 am, an ancient foe awaited me on my bedroom wall: The Centipede. Horrors! Thankfully it remained there while I fetched the death-spray, and succumbed quickly. But it's hard to sleep in a room that harbored such a beast. Here's a rude awakening of your own from

What has the centipede been doing all winter? Watching cable in my neighbor's apartments? Knitting with its 100 legs?

I even had a premonition about the insect; earlier that day I'd been blowdrying my hair in my bedroom, sitting on the floor. When I put down the blowdryer, I noticed it blowing under my desk, and worried that it might stir up a multi-legged creature. Obviously I am psychic.

A shout out to BCSM and R, who cooked my roomie D and I a delightful dinner on Sunday. Their neighbor's cat came up to visit, and showed off his very loud meow and strange hiss! What a cutie!

KB and "Chanel" spotted a brown, round furry creature holding court atop a bunch of sticks! Was it a muskrat? A beaver? More research to follow.

Last night my handsome fiance R brought to my attention this article about Minnesota's State Reptile, Blanding's Turtle. Check it out, plus a cute picture of a tiny turtle!

Ok, I look forward to hearing your recent critter stories! And to counteract the evil photo above, a fuzzly one from



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