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12:16 a.m. - 2005-10-26
What was in the glass?

It is like, totally cold outside. Well, not really cold, but the first cool and gloomy weather seems to bring on some kind of mammalian feeding and hibernating tendencies, n'est pas? Or maybe it is the approaching Halloween holiday with its corresponding chocolates, taffys and candy corn (the latter of which I just jacked from the stash of one of my co-workers).

The squirrels are fat and the voles hiding. Geese are flying around, asian beetles are congregating in my stairwell; I even saw a sleepy bee on a flower this afternoon.

What creatures have you seen?

In horrible news, my foxy sister A's shiny red car collided with a deer back in WI. Thankfully she is unharmed but the car needs a new passenger door.

In less horrible news, the Packers lost to the Vikings. (Both teams are sucking equally this season.) More evil is the story of the glass sitting on the floor next to my game-watching chair. (This is in R's Basement of Surround Sound Glory and Wireless Playstation 2 Controllers). MM noticed A DEAD CENTIPEDE IN THE GLASS! Sitting only inches from my innocent person! What was it DOING in there?! MM guessed the glass had been filled with Coke (we then figured the Coke had killed it with super acidity or something). Was the insect hoping for booze? Did it see a reflection and climb up to investigate? Did it smell the water?

Gross, on the strenth.

Ok, so I will write soon about asian beetles/ladybugs, pooping geese and perhaps deer.

xo, Happy Birthday shout-out to R!


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