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10:55 p.m. - 2005-08-18
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Greetings, all! I hope you are all doing well, and Minnesotites, I hope you're preparing your minds, eyes and stomachs for the Minnesota State Fair!

In my recent teaser, I mentioned our Critter Corner Mascot, the gray and white cat "Pepe". K and AB reported that last month "Pepe" chased a mouse across the living room while they were watching TV! Now that's entertainment; the "show" even ended with a cliffhanger as the rodent escaped!

I also spent some time in Green Bay, visiting my best buddy, GH. It's always fun to stay with her and her Dad in their little farmhouse. (There was a toad out back!) Of course we witnessed the majesty of the new Lambeau Field, got wasted, sang karaoke, and I introduced GH to her new sweetie pie! Often there a lot of farm cats roaming around the H residence, and a mama and two little kittens had been hiding in the basement for a week or two. Gina's Dad really wanted them out, and when they emerged the Saturday I was there, he quickly closed the door. G and I of course wanted to see the babycats, but we couldn't find them. Dad told us to look for the mama cat, and I saw her under my car. And there, behind my tire, was a tiny, blue-eyed, black and white kitten! But then it disappeared. I looked around, and saw the kitten up in the wheel-well! "Easy", I thought, and beeped the car horn, thinking to scare it out. But now I couldn't see it! So I opened my hood, and there, hiding under some kind of pipe, was the kitten! We laughed and took some pictures.* Gina's Dad told me to don a glove and pull the kitten out, but I couldn't maneuver around the pipe. Then he was like, "Poke it with a stick!"** I freaked out and asked for something blunt, which I used to try to gently nudge it back down to the wheel-well. Now the kitten was hanging out under my dash somewhere; I could barely see it. Dad then cried, "You gotta spray it with the hose!" and I replied, "Will it ruin my car?!" We decided it wouldn't, and I aimed a firm spray at the vicinity of the babycat! We were rewarded with the sight of a soaked, speeding kitten evacuating the car!

* When Wendell is richer next month, she will purchase a membership to this site and put in a bunch of photos.

** G and her Dad are RIDICULOUS. Dad told me that because women can have multiple orgasms, we also have multiple personalities.

Last weekend was our romantic getaway! R and I ventured to the fabled North Shore of Minnesota! It was the furthest north I've been. We stayed at a quaint lodge, took some hikes, where we witnessed two kinds of waterfalls. The first was a trickling, puddly river that traveled down some of the granite of the region. We traipsed up the rocks and it was fantastic. We saw a toad. Then we observed the Cascade River, which drops 900 feet in the last mile it flows? I can't remember. That was awesome because there were huge bowls carved out of the rock. We love erosion like that! It was magical to sit on the rocky shoreline, hearing only the sound of waves. As we were leaving on Sunday, we saw an animal nearly get hit by the car ahead of us on the road! It looked like a squirrel at first, but it was smaller and had a very elongated body, low to the ground. It was a weasel! Yes.

I hope you enjoyed these stories!

If you see me at the Fairrrr next Friday, you have to buy me cheese curds, as it will be my birthday!



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