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11:49 p.m. - 2005-07-12
Two Critter Stories.
Two Critter Stories.

At my job, I enjoy visiting the smoking area, where, among the cig butts, there are roaming mice, squirrels, pigeons, etc.

Yesterday I stood and observed a squirrel, grooming itself. It had big balls.

I find watching animals scratching, sneezing or yawning reminds me we are all simply creatures.

At my old apartment I once watched a squirrel scratch for about twenty minutes! First it was on my stoop, really going crazy. Then, when I went into the shower, I saw the same squirrel atop my neighbor's roof, which was visible from the bathroom window! It was still scratching!

In an unrelated story, I thought today about toads (when don't I?!) and remembered suddenly that I have an uncle who is deathly afraid of them!

It's true. My Dad's brother J is scared of toads. My Dad relates a story, where they were pouring cement and had to remove one of those old fashioned clotheslines. Not the strings-attached-to-two-poles kind, but the one-pole-with-a-perpendicular-to-the-pole-square-drying-rack. Anyway, J cut off the metal pole, and out poured many toads! And my Uncle ran away, while (undoubtedly) my Dad laughed!

Man, I love toads!

I'd like to invite you to share any critter stories you might have. And to my readers who recently moved to NM and AK, I'd love to hear some wildlife reports!


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