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1:06 a.m. - 2005-07-07
A brief love story.
Greetings, Hotties!

I hope you are all well and had an enjoyable Fourth of July weekend! I certainly did; my 74 year old Grandma got married! Also, my best buddy GH returned from her triumphant conquest of China.

As usual, I'm behind on my entries. Much research needs to be done about artesian stream habitats. R and I visited such a place in SE MN, at Beaver Creek Valley State Park, near Caledonia. Once the parks re-open, check out that part of the state; it's gorgeous. I also need to write about a marauding creature witnessed both at the state park AND in my own neighborhood!

But for now, a short love story. Back on June 10th, I was happy to go hear everybody's favorite band, Kubla Khan, play downtown at Peavey Plaza. It was delightful to see everyone, view L's fabulous engagement ring, and meet baby PE for the first time.

So we were relaxing under the dappled sunlight of a tree, enjoying some fried foods and frooty beverages. My LU classmate, PG, was playing a lovely sax solo when I noticed a ruckus up in the tree. Two sparrows were GETTING IT ON! Quickly I motioned upwards to R and CN, and also made eye contact with KB and CK, who were at the cd/t shirt table. It was a critter bonding moment!

After the set, I told PG about the incident, to which he could only reply, "Well, that's the LU 'difference' in action!"

The moral of the story: Go hear Kubla Khan play, and, beware of the effects their music might have on your libido!

[DISCLAIMER: Wendell is not responsible for any injuries incurred from sexual acts occurring in trees.]


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